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This happened at the cascade lake rd parking lot this past Sunday.

I'm getting my stuff ready to ride and a guy pulls up and lets his dog out out of his van. The dog appears to be friendly and runs around sniffing everyone in the parking lot. While his dog is running around I'm thinking great, I'll probably run into him on the trail (I've got permanent scars from dog induced crashes :mad: )

I take off and ride burnt mtn and big rock/cedar rock then cross over to bridal veil. I sit at the falls eat a cliff bar and head back to do another loop of burnt mountain and I see the dog guy coming down the dirt road but NO dog. I think well maybe he had somone else in the van and they are walking the dog.

I finish my 2nd loop of Burnt mtn go up and down cedar rock one more time then head back to the car put my stuff away and get ready to leave. I'm just getting into my car and dog guy rides up. As I'm leaving I watch out my rear view mirror as he opens the back of the van and the dog jumps out.

Now I hate to see dogs running loose on trails but leaving that poor dog in the car for over two hours in the heat while you go riding is a lot worse maybe even criminal.

rant over
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