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Does this fit?

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It feels alright but doesn't seem to sit low enough. Would going from this medium to a large fix this. And yes I know its a funny Pic. :D

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LOL! That was a little big! Okay here is a smaller one. :D
Um, I dont think that strap should be rubbing your ear like that. Why not just go to the LBS and have them fit you?
I know my helmet sits high on my head because I have a stupid head :D , As for the strap, it just looks like it is caught in the roc-loc a little bit.
Yeah I put it back on after a ride and was sweating to death. The strap I can fix, it just seems to sit so high on my head. I really want the sides of the helmet to come down right above my ears. This helmet leaves over an inch in between my ears and the bottom of it. I think I'll run to a shop and see what they say.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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