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Does the Triad require more air than the manual states?

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I am 200lbs with a Stumpy 120 (base model for 06) and have noticed that the travel indicator on the Triad shows that the shock is very close to bottoming out with everyday riding. I have the FloatRL set to 100psi and the Triad at 200psi which seems to be ideal. The fork responds fine and I haven't come close to using the full travel, yet ;), but the rear shock is a different story. It moves quite a bit under my weight. I rarely set it to the Open setting for fear of destroying the shock on a big hit.

Sag appears to be correct at 20 to 25%.
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Don't sweat it...the Triad doesn't require...

anymore air than anything else that I have ever used. I have an 05 Stumpy, weigh in at about 230 and run 225psi in the shock to achieve proper sag, 25%. I have NEVER bottomed the shock out completely that I have ever felt, even on bigger hits, and I run it full open 99% of the time. The propedal setting has very little to do with how the shock reacts to bumps. It has more to do with how the shock reacts to pedal induced forces. If you are worried about it, add 10psi to the shock and see how that works. I don't think you'll have a problem running the Triad full open. Remember that air is quite progressive in spring rate. I have noticed that the shock moves more when running full open as opposed to runing in propedal. That's the idea! Now if you are doing drops or jumps regularly, you may want to run a little more air pressure in it just for peace of mind. But otherwise you should be fine.

Good Dirt
I figured out what the problem was. My Triad blew up. I pulled the bike out yesterday and found oil all over the BB, frame, and crankset. Sure enough the position lever spins freely and the shock is in open mode. BIke shop said they would have to send the shock off for repair (or replace) but in the mean time I could ride it now. Took the bike out to my normal trails. Long smooth climbs were horrible due to the significant bob, but on the singletrack the bike worked great.
Glad you got it figured out.

In response to the thread, I too struggle with enough air pressure on my triad.

My riding weight is 240lbs and I run my shock at 270psi. It's stupid high. But, that's what it takes keep it lively and proper sag. Looking back I wish I had gotten something with a coil spring.
Also have high psi in Triad

I have an 06 FSR Comp. and my riding weight is around 230 (who knows after X-mas), and I have been running the Triad between 225 and 250 psi. I was also concerned about it bottoming out, I asked LBS about it and they told me nothing is wrong, sag at 25%, no leaks. I came from a hardtail and I think part of the issue here is getting used to the FS ride. Squash seems to be right on, it comes close to bottoming out, but never has and probably never will. I think as I get more used to the bike I will lower the psi a bit, and maybe I will lose some lbs. after the new year and all will be well.
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