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Does the rubber last longer on expensive V brakes pads? What is the benefit of buying expensive replacement V brake pads?

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As a general rule....

yes. But it may not necessarily be so. It depends on the compound that the pads are made of. Vbrake pads aren't what you would normally think of as "rubber". That's about like calling a carbon fiber frame "plastic". While synthetic rubber plays heavily in the construction of the pads, there are lots of other materials that go into the compound to make them much more heat and abrasion resistant.

Anyway, it depends on the pad, the conditions that they are used in, etc. Wet conditions can tear up most pads in very short order. Pads made for wet conditions are usually more abrasive than standard pads and will last longer and preform better in the wet, but are harder on rims. There are lots of variables to say the least.

Usually though the more expensive pads will stand up better than cheap pads, and will often give better performance in the process.

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