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I thought so, but I'm not sure. I have not gotten a flat for 2 years with the Maxxis / Mavic combo. I'd like to try other rims, but I'm worried about their resistance to flatting.

I currently have 717's, 325's and a Crossland. I'm most curious about DT Swiss Rims.

Sorry if this is a "dumb" question or if it has been covered before (but trying to search on mtbr is not easy.)

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Stans claims yes
"Bead Socket Technology
By eliminating the bead hook and lowering the sidewall by 2-3mm we reduce the weight of the rim. Some of this material can be used in the center part of the rim making it stronger and stiffer.
The curve of the rim sidewall is the same shape as the bead of the tire so they fit together like a ball and socket joint. This design will help reduce the strain on the tire bead while creating a tighter seal.
By lowering the sidewall of the rim we also reduce the mechanical leverage the tire has on the rim. This will make the rim stiffer and last longer by eliminating flexing that can cause cracking.
With these short sidewalls the tire should not hit the rim and pinch flat as often as standard rims, either with or without tubes. This design will allow you to run lower pressures and use 4mm more of the tire than ever before. The tire will have larger air volume giving you better traction
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