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I suggest UMLAUT,

from :
"Hear this and fear this, mothers and 5uckers! Ever since they burst into the hardcore scene on the biggest, loudest, dirtiest stolen motorcycles ever smuggled into Scandinavia, Umlaut-the most feral, furious, and above all Finnish band in the history of punk rock blast beat destruction-has represented the epitome of nihilistic, transgressive energy.

I like this song, "We don't give a 5uck" for all umm...those...yeaa nightriding, trail baggin' folk:
-"It's another a wildcat strike: we üncontrollables
Feral and free as any animals
We'll break on throügh to the other side
And let freedom ride tonight-
Let freedom rün riot tonight!
Becaüse we don't give a fück aboüt yoür laws and b(ü)ylaws,
Yoür precioüs private property...YEA

or how about, "Thrill of the Open Road" for all the urban freeriders:-Live to ride, ride to die
With the wind in my face and the world for my bride
That's right!
Come on! Let's blow this town, raze the streets to rübble
Set a land speed record for caüsing troüble
I want to ride a sonic boom across a land with no borders
I'll be the crash test dümmy of the No World Order! Yeah!

Anyway, check em out!
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