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does anyone ride near sacramento/auburn

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i really dont want to ride alone, and i would love to meet some female riders!
im a 16 year old from the elk grove/ sacramento area
now im not exactly pro at this yet haha i just want to go out and ride and get better at it so i can prove to my riding buddy that im worthy of it :)
im not so good on climbs and go at a slower pace on them but having someone with me will only get me more motivated to keep up
so let me know if anyone is interested and riding, i dont mind making the drive to the auburn area or anywhere an hour away really
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Hi, yes we ride in Auburn and Folsom quite regularly. I ride for a women's MTB Team, we do team rides and just goofing off rides. You are welcome to join us anytime. We usually ride in the afternoons and Sat/Sun morning if we're not off racin'. Send me a private message if you want to exchange email address' then I'll keep you in the loop when we go out for group rides. Every Tuesday night in Old Folsom there is a group ride that leaves from town at 6pm. It is super fun and has riders of all levels. There are usually between 25 up to 50-60 people that turn out. Girls, guys, young, old, fast and slow. Check out for more info.
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