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Does anyone make an 8 inch adapter for Manitou?

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I currently run an 8 inch Hayes rotor up front on my 03 Marzocchi Z1 FR and am purchasing a MANITOU SHERMAN FIREFLY PLUS '05 (killer deal at and was trying to find out if an adapter is made for a regular QR, not a 20mm TA. Does anyone know if the 20mm TA adapter will work alright? I'm thinking that they might not sell it as a way to cover their arses because the powers that be don't recommend using an 8 inch rotor up front due to some mechanical failures over the years.

Any input or advice would be appreciated.
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According to the chart on Hayes website the 8" adapter works with either QR or 20mm. The adapter #98-15072.

Here is a screen shot from the chart...(this refers to the 2005 Sherman series)
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Thanks, I called Jensen and found out that Avid and Hayes use the same adapter and ordered it, only $10, not too shabby.
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