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TiRyder said:
I have been looking at this too often.

Scroll down to post 25 on this thread:
Oh yes, that is the thread that has got me looking. Thanks for posting that, as I should have made myself more clear. I am looking for a few more detailed pics of exactly how that thing works. It looks really clean and stylish.

Who turned out the lights
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I emailed him and he sent me a pic. It's not super detailed, but it was enough for me to see what the post would look like. It's too big to post here (1.8Mb) and I'm too lazy at the moment to resize it. I don't think he sits at a computer all day checking his inbox, so it probably came in overnight (to my work email), but he did respond same day.

On Nov 20 2006 Kent Eriksen responded:
"Yes our seatposts are sold with or without a frame. We are moving from
prototype to permanent production and do not yet have all the hardware to
begin production. What you saw was a proto.

I expect 1-2 months before we have them on our site, and ready to sell. I
am taking orders now if you want to get on the list. They retail for
$170-$190 depending on length, both straight and lay back are available."
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