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I don't know about that product but I can tell you what I've used on my steel frames ...

Super Glue.

Well, before Super Glue I used clear fingernail polish but Super Glue works better and is less messy.

I usually let the frame acclimate in a 70 degree room (or warmer) for a few days. That way any hints of moisture are minimalized. then into each braze vent hole I squirt some Super Glue to seal the hole. If you do all the stays and fork tubes, if you're running a rigid fork, you've mininized the moisture entry points to the seat post, head tube and bottom bracket. If you grease those on assembly you're on your way to a relatively airtight bike.

Worse case you'll be repainting the frame in 10 years from all the chips and scratches. The solvent tank will rid the frame of the SG ad rust then and you'll be back to square one.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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