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Jibba-Jabba said:
Thanx, mate.
If it's a 06 rc2x , is it any good? And is it coil?

In dollars he's asking about 570. I know I can get cheaper ones on Ebay, but postage and customs screws it up. The fork is unused...
Its an 07, they were identical to the 06 except for the brake mount.

The 888RC2X was probably the best 888 Marzocchi has ever made. It is a dual coil with both high and low speed compression and rebound adjustments. For $550 it would be a ok deal for a new one.

Just a FYI, you can get a new 08 888RC3 from Transition Bikes for $595, but it'll probably blow up on you.:rolleyes:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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