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does 700c = 29er?

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i read on some website i found on roadbikereview that a 29" mountain bike rim is the same size as a 700c roadbike rim. does anybody know if this is true at all?
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Same diameter (622mm), different width
bholwell said:
Same diameter (622mm), different width
cool, thanks!

random addendum:
what does "c" in 700c stand for?
Kevin_Federline said:
I thought it stood for "clincher".
Gotta love the incredible disinformation available on the internet. Yes, 700c is the rim size that a 29" tire will mount. Narrow or wide, any 29" tire will/should fit to any 700c rim.

The "C" used to mean something but doesn't any more. It does not mean clincher or centimeter. It used to be a French sizing system. There were A, B, C, D sizes and the letters corresponded to widths. An "A" would be narrower than a "B" which would be narrower than "C" which would be narrower than "D". Today, 700C really means any rim that has a bead seat diameter of 622mm. There is also a 700D rim size which as a bead seat diameter of 587mm.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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