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Doctor's Park and Reno/Flag/Bear CB: How much solitude?

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I may have some chance to ride either of these trails on a Saturday or Sunday in the next month or so. I will most likely end up doing this alone. I have some concern about what the possibility of getting stuck or lost. I have the maps, guidebooks, decent navigation skills and the wherewithall to fix simple mechanical problems. I don't expect any bad problems but one never knows. So my issue is not about having the trails to myself; rather, it would be nice if there are others about while I ride these, just in case. So how popular are these on decent weather summer weekend days?

On a related note, the trails near Needle Creek Res are actually much closer to my Gunnison base but the guidebook would have me believe that these are potential black holes for single riders. Are they really that bad?
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Don't buy into the hype. Solo riding is totally fine around there...
You'd be fine riding RFBD on a weekend. Plenty of riders around. Dutchman's and Razor Creek is the ride to do out by Needle Creek Res and yes it can be desolate at times and easy to get lost. Just found this report and it says it all. The turn off to Dutchman's is where I got lost as well.
You may see a moto up needle creek, but it's usual that you will see no one. The end of dutchman's can be confusing, it's best to show someone on a map the exit route. I've spent many hours exploring this area, there is more singletrack east of Gunnison, than what's in CB. I also like the right hand trail out there, there is a sweet figure 8 with Barret Creek that is worth riding. This area is not buff.
I rode Reno/Flag/Bear/Deadman yesterday.

I saw 2 groups of motorcycles, 2 other bikers going the other direction.

Oh, and it was good. Really good!

jummo said:
I rode Reno/Flag/Bear/Deadman yesterday.

I saw 2 groups of motorcycles, 2 other bikers going the other direction.

Oh, and it was good. Really good!

i rode it on saturday and i was really good!!! we saw plenty of dirt bikes, but everyone seemed to yield and be courteous and the trails were in good shape! :thumbsup:
I just returned, having ridden RFBD on Sunday. While I was the first to arrive at the Deadman's trailhead, I did see someone ride past on the road but no-one else other than four motorcyclists at the top of Deadman's. And I actually knew one of them (we're both from at least 2 hrs away)! The parking lot was jammed by the time I returned at 12:30.

The downhills on that combo are something else and the scenery is generally very nice.

Top of Flag Creek:

Top of Bear Creek

Bottom of Bear Creek:

Deadman's Creek:

Thanks to all for the input.


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Yep, great ride road it twice sweet ride. Good picks and great ride.
Most of CB is fine for solo riding. I would not ride the Needle Creek area solo. Needle Creek is really out there, and does not see as much traffic as the trails in CB. However the riding in the Needle Creek area is very nice.
You may not see anyone but the ride is not technical and is Awesome. My ride report is here
Did RBFD this past Sunday as well. The group I was in started on the late side and was rather slow -- saw some folks at the beginning -- other than that, we were very, very alone except for some dirtbikers we ran into near the top of Bear Creek.
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