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Do you know how the 45North Ragnarok fit? or Sidi Defender? Experiences? Quality? Sole stand up to rock hike a bike?

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I almost always wear a size 46 in SIDI cycle and Motorcycle boots and they fit better than any other brands I have tried, which is a lot.
Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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I wore Sidi Dominators for many years when I used to ride with clipless pedals. In Tucson, AZ, I would go through at least one pair per year. They would wear through at the front part of the sole and the uppers would get torn. When I moved to Northern California, I started getting 2-3 years from a pair. More dirt, fewer rocks, I suppose.
Fit is entirely dependent on your feet. I can’t speak for that.

But I have a set of the 45North shoes and they have been great. They are not a sub freezing weather shoe, more for 0C to 10C.
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I have a set of 45Nrths. I think they're great. I use them in 32F and below. They've worked great even in 14F winter temps. I typically wear size 44 in regular shoe, so I sized up to 45 with these so I could accommodate thicker socks if needed. The sole is stable. I only had NorthWaves to compare them to, and the 45Nrths are definitely more off-road friendly. Definitely better climbing around on rocks, crossing creeks, etc.

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I am looking for a cool weather shoe, in the Ragnorok or Fizik Terra Artica X2. I already have a Lake mx303 winter boot. They have been good.
so something in between summer and say 40deg. F.
my feet seem to get cold easier than some.
For summer a candidate is the Sidi Defender, for a little ankle protection in hike a bike. SIDI 46 always fits well. Hope the rocks do not eat them quickly like the Shimano and Mavic enduro shoes.
Thinking the Vibram sole is more durable better than others.
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