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do you have a garmin forerunner 305?

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anyone on here in the san diego area have a forerunner 305?
i found one about 2 years ago and either the battery is dead or the thing is broke.
i tossed it in my closet and forgot all about it. the other day i found it and want to buy a charger for it so i can start using it, but i don't know if the battery is dead or if it's broken. i really don't want to waste $30 buying a charger if it's just broke.

so if you are in the area and have a charger i can borrow for a few mins that would be cool.
i don't need a full charge or anything, just enough to turn it on and make sure it works.

or if you have an extra charger for it i'd be willing to buy it from you.

thanks in advance
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They charege off a mini USB, finding a cord to charge should n't be that hard. do you have a phone? try it's charger.
well i need the cradle too all i have is the "watch"

all the cradles i can find online are about $20
i guess it's worth it to buy one, but i wanted to check around first.

i do have a mini usb charger so i'm glad that should work, now i just need a cradle
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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