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Do You Carry A Tube?

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Do you guys carry a tube for emergency repairs?

I just started mtn biking this summer and coming from a road bike where I ran tubes I stuck one in an old saddle bag on the mtn bike just in case. But in 5 months since I started and about 1000 miles of all mountain trail type riding the sealant has taken care of every little puncture I've had. We get a lot of goat heads and stickers around here but even though it is rocky the rocks aren't very sharp.

I'm thinking of ditching the tube and saddle bag, at least for my local rides where at most I'm at most 4 miles from my house. Worst case senario I hike the bike back the house. And with the 150mm OEM dropper the saddle bag is OK but I'm thinking of upgrading the dropper to a 200 or 210 which won't work with a saddle bag.
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If I can walk the bike back in less than 30 min, no tube. Longer XC rides I bring the tube and CO2.
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Yes, sometimes. Usually, but also sometimes not.

Mine is strapped to the frame though
Does the Pope shi! in the woods?
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Very rarely carry a tube. Only long rides more than 10 miles away from my car or house. Even then my tires have so many cactus needles it would be a P.I.T.A. to get them all out before I used it.
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For sure. Have given them out three times this year (two people with flats, one person with a broken collarbone).
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Yes, had a few issues where the sealant and plug wouldn’t do the job and the tube was just quicker. Peace of mind mostly.
Yup. Tire levers too. I'm out for a bike ride, not a walk lol.
Always. Rarely need but have given to folks on trail before. Try to carry all size and pump in my autos to in case I encounter folks on side of road in need.
Once on trails many years ago I ran into Hincappi and several guys from US Postal team hitting some trails off season. One guy had a flat and they were out of tubes. Gave them my 1 I had. Was kinda star struck cause always loved Hincappi (workhorse pulling Lance on so many tours). Respect him.
I carry a 24” tube. I have successfully used it in a 29” wheel to limp home after a nasty sidewall slash. I’ve had to tube-up one time in the past 3 years since I started running inserts.
I really like my Tannus Tubeless insert, but I’m likely to install something with a ‘run-flat’ capability like a Vittoria AirLiner, so I don’t have to carry a tube unless it’s a special circumstance.
Seldom. I monitor my tubeless setup pretty close, carry a DART and extra fluid. If I’m riding remote it’s fluid, DART, and a tube.

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Well, not always.
I ride with a camelback, so makes it easy to carry A tube and the tubeless stuff I would need. I know there are a few other options to carry some of this stuff but I haven’t went that route yet. Although I did just a get a top tube bag for my gravel bike and may try that as my way to carry what I need. It would hold everything I’d need so my give that a go.
Anyone running those Tubulitos as a spare? Was thinking about it to drop 100+ grams from my bike vs the 29er butyl tube I lug around.
You know. That’s a really good question.
For the past 9 years of going tubeless, I count maybe 3 times I had to use a tube and the third time was giving one away to a stranded rider I passed by. And the two times I used it was before tire plugs technology became really effective at what they do.

If you live anywhere near arid desert with fine dust getting into everything and you carry your tubes EWS style (i.e tubes exposed, strapped or duct taped to your frame ), they rot out or developed these micro tears as fine Arizonian dust and dry air chews them out before their useful life inside of a tire. I had to replace several of my tubes and now carry one inside a frame bag.

If I have a gash too big for tire plugs to fix, I ain’t sitting out in 95 degree Phoenix summer heat trying to wrangle a tube in. Much faster hiking it outta there.

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I’ve stopped carrying a tube since I have sealant plus Cush Core. I could walk home four miles more quickly than it would take to install a tube with my setup. You can ride flat awhile with Cush Core apparently but I’ve never tried it.

You should know how to use tire plugs though, if you don’t already.
I carry a spare tube, but all of the tires on my mountain bikes have a lot of thorns sticking in the rubber.
If I were to put the tube inside it would puncture right away. So not sure if it makes sense to carry a spare tube, except for my friends who still uses tubes.
The thorns were the main reasons I started going tubeless.
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I carried an extra tube for decades, but when I switched to riding a fat bike with 27.5 tires…. Sadly no tube exists. And it would probably weigh 10 pounds if it did.
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