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Hey guys,
Just wondering, do these Mavic Crossrides fit a 2011 Trek Fuel EX5 ? I am looking to upgrade my wheels for something lighter and better. The bike currently has a pair of Bontrager Ranger wheels with a Shimano hub. Do you recommend this upgrade for 100$ ? Is it worth it or should I just more on a better wheel set?

These are the ones I have now:
Wheels Formula alloy DC20 front hub, Shimano alloy M475 rear hub; Bontrager Ranger 32-hole rims

These are the Mavic Crossride's description:

Access to the Mavic quality - Reinforced rims: H2 compression - Hub quality: FTS-X freewheel, QRM bearings - Resistant straight spokes Access to the Mavic efficiency - Optimized component design - 15mm version down to 1850 grams Access to the Mavic identity - Large and visible graphics on the disc brake specific rim - Straight pull bladed spokes Rims: Color: black anodised Disc brake specific profile Drilling: traditional H2 technology Internal width: 19 mm Joint: pinned Material: 6106 Aluminum Valve hole diameter: 8.5 mm Spokes: Color: black Count: 24 front and rear Lacing: front and rear crossed 2 Material: steel Nipples: brass, self lock concept Shape: straight pull, bladed, section 2.0 Hubs: Color: black Front and rear axle material: steel Front and rear bodies: aluminum Front axle size:
15x100 FTS-X, steel QRM Rear axle size: 9,5x135 Compatibility: Disc brakes: Center-Lock, delivered with 6 bolts adapters ETRTO size: 559x19C Front wheel mount: Quick Release or 15mm thru axle (2 separate wheels) M10 Rear wheel mount: quick release Recommended tire sizes: 1.5 to 2.3

Delivered With: "Center Lock to 6 Bolts" adapter for the 6 Bolts version BR101 quick releases Rim tape User guide and warranty card Valve reducer

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but will it be a significant improvement over the ones I have now?
Since they are probably at least 1/2 to 1 pound lighter than your OEM wheels, you will feel a significant improvement. Reducing rotating weight always improves things.

They are also going to be easier to maintain with the cartridge bearings
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