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Do people race on their hardtail cannondale bikes with fatties these days?

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just curious..nobody races on a hardtail with fatty these days right? Cos my friend wants to buy a race worthy cannondale bike and torn between the f2 and f3..

the price difference is significant where i come from..

is the fatty f3 race worthy? or is it much better to get one with a lefty for xc racing?

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The Fatty used on an F3 has won maybe a dozen or more World Championships and/or World Cups. It is designed for racing. I have not checked for a year or two but I think it still might be the lightest fork out there.
I am planning on racing an F4 at my Xterra events next year since it's easier to fly with than my 29er. It's still a great fork and can take a beating. Mine is only 80mm so it takes the edge off. Considering I got the bike for a $50 on craigslist, it'lle do.

I see people racing them occassionally. I still want to get my hands on a taurine with a fatty setup. That would be an awesome short track bike.
You got an F4 for $50 ??
sorry , i'm not a racer

buy i use my F4 with a Fatty . on saturday my last ride of 60 km.

if i will do a race , no problem to race with it

fear of 80mm only ?
Well, it's on the Taurine 1 so I assume even Cannondale still respects it. I think I prefer mine on my F4 to a Lefty under 90% of the riding I do, and I don't even have the rebound adjust version. I am really on the fence, because to go to an alloy Lefty Speed I'd be gaining more than a half pound in weight for a whole 30mm of travel. Not sure if it's worth it. Now, if I were to snag a Lefty Speed Carbon on eBay for cheap, that's not a lot of weight gain and then the 30mm would be worth it.
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