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Do I need a new middle ring?

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Okay. My old chain broke about 4 times within the last week. I thought I needed a new chain since it kept on braking. Only problem is that when ever I put torque on the cranks the chain skips like crazy and will get stuck up into the big ring as well. Do I need a middle ring?
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First of all, you probably need a new chain. If you broke a chain 4 times, you've probably stressed, twisted, or otherwise damaged a number of links, and will continue to experience more breakage. Also, if you didn't properly repair the damage with either a new closing pin, or master link, your repair is likely to fail.

When you're ready to replace the chain, hang both chains adjacent to each other, and let them stretch out under their own weight. If the old chain is more than 1/2" longer for the same number of links, there's a good chance that the chainring, (and possibly the cassette) is toast.

Another check is to install the chain, and lift it away from the ring at the 3 o'clock position (front). The top and bottom sections will slide forward as you do so. If you can lift the chain clear of the teeth, either the chain or chainring or both are shot. If this happens with a new chain, it's definitely a dead chainring.

Next step is to deal with the chain suck which is your other problem. If new chain and (maybe) chainring cure it, so much the better. otherwise consider changing to a heavy wet chain oil, which will keep water and silt out of the chain, keeping it supple and preventing chain suck.
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okay thanks for the help. The middle ring is fairly new on there and I just replaced the chain. It works fine in the big and little ring when pedaling, but the problem, is i use the middle ring the most often. And unfortunantly it still skips. So this means I need a new middle ring? Even though it is only 4 months old, but ridden alot? Hopefully my cassette is okay since it does work in the other two rings with no problem at all. THanks for your help again.
tcapri87 said:
..... I just replaced the chain. .... And unfortunantly it still skips. So this means I need a new middle ring?
It might not be wear. The ring might have a damaged tooth or two from running the damaged chain. Examine it carefully, and if you see a bent or dinged tooth, try to file it smooth and back in line. Also do the wear test I described in the earlier post, using the new chain.

You might have to replace it after all, but might as well be sure before spending the dough.
Might just be a warped ring as well. Take it back off, and look at it edge-on. You'll see it.
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