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Do i buy this yeti DH (2001)

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I have an RM7 but if i can sell that one quickly would this be a good buy for me. I would try to get the price lower but I like it

Though I do not have much knowledge on the front fork which makes me skeptical only as well as me being 6'0'' tall and not knowing the size
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looks like an 2003 jr t. which means shitty damping circuit and 170mm of travel.
That frame design had serious brake jack issues.
brake jack?
Any other flaws though? Should I pull the trigger or skip the entire idea?
i wouldn't, it's not very good...there's some better bikes on ksl. a big hit & mongoose im sure you could get for 1200. just save for a bit longer. the big hit has mostly 09 sram stuff and an 08 888 so that's a much better deal
DH bikes take a lot of abuse in 10 years, I would be very wary of anything more than a few years old.
For $800 you can find a much better bike.
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