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Non-Drive Side

Drive Side, no Chain-Stay Protector

Drive Side w/Chain-Stay Protector

As you can see the answer is almost.....but no. There is just under 1 nickles width worth or space between the chain stays and the crank arms without the drive side chain stay protector on. Put that on and the drive side arm rubs. Under load the crank arms could very well touch the chain stays. On my Scott Genius they did fit, and were close, but not this close. No yes, my 156's are not BB30 (they were run with a Chris King BB) but that wont change the Q of the cranks. A 156Q is a 156Q and so on.

In the end, the 156Q cranks wont fit but the 164;s will definitely fit. I have some XX 164's on order and will post pics when they come in.
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