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DMR Switchback Frames? - attn:jzt

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is there anyone out there that has actually put some time in on one of these?

is it usable as a FR hardtail? or is the Reynolds 520 DB tubing just too light for that?

the Switchback rear triangle looks just like the DMR Trailstar, which IS a FR much real abuse can the Switchback take? anyone broken one yet?

drops? jumps? i dont really huck for the sake of hucking, but when the opportunity arises....

here's a picture:

here's a linky to manufacturer's page:

btw, i am interested in this specific frame. i am quite aware that there are other FR hardtails out there, but i am looking for feedback on the DMR Switchback. ;)
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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