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Dj/Pump Tracks?

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anybody know where there are some good dirt jump or pump tracks in AZ.... Preferably in Queen Creek or Chandler?

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Not exactly in that area but Rage Cycles has a track at the shop (Scottsdale Rd, just South of Thomas). They have track nights on Mon. but you can always stop by and ride. McDowell Mtn park also has a track, it's a work in progress right now...
Seth, you are in the same predicament as me. I live in San Tan Valley and the best public pump track in all the way to McDowell Mnt park in Fountain Hills. It is 50 miles and 60 minutes from my house but it is so worth the drive. I take my trail and PT bike so I can make the most of the trip. Eric
I aughta catch a ride with ya next time you head down there ;) I doubt my mom would take me :D
I'm moving down to the San Tan / Queen Creek area, lets set up a night to ride to and drink at San Tan Flats.
haha maybe the ride part, but Im 15, so no go on the drinko.
plus I still got to get me a good bike, Im still stuck on my Dk Bmx. Im lookin at a Mongoose fireball 2011 26". any good for a beginner like me? I doubt I will be doing anything too crazy yet, and I can always upgrade the Forks.
There is a BMX racing track which is a beautiful pump track
yea, I used to race there, and I was thinking about that.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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