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DJ bike size help

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Okay, I need some help. I'm starting to get into some urban riding & some dirt jumping. I want to build a DJ/urban bike. I'm 5'6". I'm currently using my trailbike & it feels kind'a big & besides, I'm about to give to the wife so we could ride trails together. :D For you not so tall riders out there, what's a good size for my height. I'm looking at the Kona (Cowan) & Santa Cruz (Chameleon) frames. Thanks.
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small would be best.. urb and jumpers should be on the small side for hte most part.
Well, for a DJ bike, you usually want smaller than normal.

Easier to flick and maneauver. I am about 5'5" with a 32" inseam... I ride my Large Specialized Hardrock Pro Disc. I wish I could have gotten a Small. I rode a small on the local Dirt jumps... a Hardrock SS and it was a load of difference. I could manual and bunny hop a lot higher.

So, I would get at the biggest a 17" frame and no smaller than 14".

I would buy a 15" at this very moment.
wow 5'5 and riding a large? thats effin big.. im 5'10-11 and ride a medium SC.
I'm, your height, and I now ride a DK Zenia, its like a 14, my urban bike fore for that was A KHS DJ100, the size is listed as a 15", but its lower stand over than my wife's XC bike and its a 14.
Stick with something listed as a small, or look a 15" or smaller. Depending on a few other factors, I ride a steel frame, and love it. IF you can't deal with the weight of steel, there are some lighter weight alloy frames out there, but I would use care when grinding on them.

Check out DK, and the Xenia

fiddy_ryder said:
wow 5'5 and riding a large? thats effin big.. im 5'10-11 and ride a medium SC.
My dad made me get a large. He doesn't understand how important fit is.

I am going to save for a DJ frame and build up a bike... I need to.
Nice! Thanks a lot, guys! Really a big help. Now I know what to look for. I've read & heard about using a smaller frame but I wasn't sure when small might be too small. Hopefully I'd finish it by spring (got 2 months or so to save up - hehe). :D

Fit is most important.....

I just make due.... XC bike! w00t
I'm 6'2" and i ride a 14 inch frame for DJ and urban. my friend had the same frame and he is 5'5" it felt a little big for him, but wasnt bad at all.

you just want a smaller frame. nothing bigger than 16 inches
im 6ft and ride a medium kona scrap frame for urban/dj. my DH bike is a large so i like the feel of a one size small dj frame. i wouldn't go too small though
I'm 5'5" or 5'6" and I ride a 13" extra small Kona Stuff. Love it. Used to ride a 15" small Kona Scrap which was good but the difference to 13" was awesome! can bunnyhop higher, manaul better and I'm in more control while jumping. Get a 13" Kona cowan!
I'm 5'6" and ride a small Chameleon. Feels awesome for urban/dj stuff, feels a little cramped when climbing or just riding flat trails for long distances.
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