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For some reason I kick the crap out of the sidewalls on every tire I own. The latest victims are WTB Motoraptors. I put a 2 cm slit in the side wall.....suggestions on a nice, solid permanent fix here?

Oh and what 2.2-2.4 inch tires don't have sidewalls that shred in 1/2 a season? So far I've destroyed Maxxis Minions, Maxxis High Roller and WTB Motoraptors.

I ride in New England so smashing my tires against large rocks is inevitable.

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patch the sidewall from the inside using a cutoff from and old sidewall, a thick tube patch or some other heavy duty canvas/like material. Aquasure is the best glue for this application.
In order to avoid the typical blister that will show upon inflation, whaterver material you use as a patch, you have to stitch both the sidewall and patch using dental floss, then superglue the floss in place.
Easier done than explained, posted a photo here

. This works even for tubeless or converted tires.
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