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So i decided to make my own studded tires. with the price of them around here I fig I could do it for half the price and it turns out I could.

-new kenda knobby tires
- 2 old junk tubes
- 168 (84/ tire) 6 32 x 1/2 machine screws
-168 number 6 washers
-168 number 6 nuts


5/32 drill bit
5/16 wrench
green robertson screw driver
small block of wood to drill into

I did every other knobb on the outside of the tire on one side and then the opposite every other on the other side of the tire.
washers where on the outside of the tube to stop the snow ice and weight of bike and rider from pushing it back through. Each tire took about three hours to do.
The trick I found about the old tubes was not to cut in half but rather cut the vavle stem off and cut on the inside keeping the tire one piece and opening it up like a taco. not the best description but I hope you get the idea. you need somthing to stop the bolt heads from popping your tire.

I'd like to post pics but I don't use a storage or link site so I can't do it. if you want ask and i'll take some and send them to you.

they look great so well see how they actually work.

Happy riding
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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