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Hi There:

I fabricated something to haul my 29er upright in the back of my Nissan Frontier crewcab.
I used stuff laying around in my garage, except for the 12" bolt I had to purchase.

You can see pictures here:

I cut off the head of the bolt, and drilled a hole for a circlip.
on the other end, I put a nylon bushing, and nylock nut. And at the very tip of the bolt I threaded in the male part of the coupler.

Then, I drilled some holes in the "Z" bracket, bolted the female quick connect coupler to one end of the bracket , and attached the other end of the bracket to the utilit-trak rails on the side of my truck.

The fabricated 12" bolt goes thru my XT bottom bracket/cranks, and then I secure the whole assembly with a nylon washer and circlip. The nylon bushing is to make sure I dont scractch the inside of the crank/BB.

Then I just lift the bike up in to the bed , and connect the couplers - Voila!.
I dont even have to climb into the bed of the truck - just lift the bike up into the bed (from the driver's side), and pull it towards me and feel the couplers click in.

The bike doesnt move forward or backward nor left or right.

Removal is just as easy, unclick the couplers and reverse directions.

Hope some of you can use this.

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