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I finally decided to try and build my own light. I was using an old NiteRider halogen that finally decided to stop working. I purchased the light in 1998, and the power connector on the lamp finally gave out.

I wanted to build the smallest light possible with as much light as possible. This is what I came up with. I don't know how durable it is going to be. I forgot to add any strain relieve on the wires, so I'll run it as long as possible. The other factor was I wanted a long runtime, so this thing has a 4P1S pack that should be able to run for a long time. I took this light out last week and was really impressed with how light it is with the amount of light it produces.

I was also looking into replacing my handlebar HID light with something lighter. I got this Kinfire light as a gift. (KINFIRE Waterproof Owl Shape CREE-XM-L-T6 4 mode 1400LM LED Headlight with Battery Indicator for Bicycle Black -

This light is really great for the price. The website mentions 4-modes including a flash mode, but my only has on/off-Hi-Med-Low. So I'm not sure about the flash mode mentioned. The switch on the Kinfire light does not allow you to change the modes with out all so turning the light off. It always goes On-Low-Mid-Hi-Off, then repeat. My DYI light has a switch that allows you to change the light modes with a half-press and then turn the light on/off with a full press.

The kinsfire light could be a little dimmer on the low mode, and a little brighter on the high mode. I'm finding that I'm using both this light and my DIY light on medium, and keeping it there. I really like the light level of both lights on medium. My DIY light is pretty dim on low, but it works well when hiking, or cruising on a simple trail. The Hi on both provide enought light that I can use it on all the trails I ride. They both easily beat the old halogen light I was using. I really like the balance between the flood and the spot on this light. It is not spotty, but has a lot of light with a good field of vision. It is great for biking, but might be too floody for hiking. I think it is a perfect balance with my headlight that is a little dimmer but more focused.

I think this will be my new set up until I need to hand over this Owl light to one of my kids. I think they'll want the new technology. At that point I'll have to decide if I want to spend the money or the time. I would be interested if there is a comparable single LED (4.2v) light that could compete with my DIY. I really like the weight of it on my head. I finished the ride last week and had a lot less neck pain.

My DIY light is built out of a copper top, coupler, and washer. The driver is a Nanjg 105c (8* AMC7135), a Cree XML LED, carlco optic lens, and a Reverse Clicky. I'm just using Sercurity System Camera power cables, and the battery holder is a 4P1S holder that I soldered the cable to. I wrapped it in my "sophisticated" electrical tape for protection...

Some night pics
Kinfire Low

Kinfire Medium

Kinfire High


DIY Medium

DIY High

Some Pics of the Kinfire Light

Pics of my DIY

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