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so I dremel'd a really nice altek magura lever blade to fit it to a hayes 9 lever body. goodridge line as well.
bled (twice so far), no leaks, but no pressure.

the angle of the plunger rod's a bit more acute than on the normal hayes blade, but the plunger's definitely travelling far enough (in fact, bottoming out) and even then, not enough pressure to lock the brake.
I'm using the original hayes plunger rod itself so it's not a distance issue.

for reference, the hayes lever blade places the pivot for the plunger rod just about 1.5mm closer to the cylinder's centerline than the magura one, so i don't think that's the problem (well I HOPE it's not cause I spent a lot of time making it fit)

not sure what I'm doing wrong so I might just take it into a shop and have them bleed it but first; suggestions?

(haven't bled many brakes before so I'm going to give it another go or three before I give up)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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