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Hey guys - quick question. Do any of you have a decent, reliable place for primitive camping near Durango? I'm going to be there around July 4th (like a whole sh** ton of others I assume) and I would rather be tucked away in primitive camping bliss than competing with crowds. I'm probably gonna ride hermosa, CT from kennebec to junction creek, engineer mountain (solas pass), maybe some of the townie stuff. So I'll be east and west of Durango.

I've camped at junction creek and lower hermosa and had great luck in the past. But 4th of july is iffy at best...

My vacation fell during this time, so I'll make do with what I can. The trails in your neck of the woods are just too good to pass up even though I've ridden most multiple times.

Can you help a brother out? Pm me if you don't want to post up a suggestion here.
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