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Disk brake mounting

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Can i use regular 5 mm bolts to mount my rotor onto my hub?Or do i need special reinforced titanium bolts? Or do i use special disk brake bolts ( they are like 5 bucks right?)
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regular 5mm bolts will not work. You need to get yourself some disc brake bolts . They should be < $5. Make sure you have the right tool to install them too. (torx 25 usually). Your bike shop should have a small t25wrench you can buy.
why wont regular 5 mm bolts work? and i do plan on getting actual disk brake bolts but dont those just work with an allen key?
Ti is weaker than steel. Steel rotor bolts are the norm. Usually you need button head bolts for clearance reasons. Does not really matter if they are torx or allen head.
which means i go to my lbs pick up some bolts for how much?allen key them in and presto
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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