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Hey all,
I'm looking to build up a Surly Karate Monkey frame (29er), and I'm in need of a wheelset. I'm hoping to find some IS disc-compatible dishless hubs. I'll be running just 2 cogs in the back, so a stubby little ss cassette would be the best choice there. I'm fairly sure the Chris King disc/ss rear hub would work, but I'm not prepared to drop that kind of money.
As for the front wheel, I don't know if a disc-compatible dishless hub is made, or whether the decreased distance between the flanges would only end up making the wheel weaker.
Cheap/Light/Strong; I pick Cheap and 75% Strong, 25% Light. If that's allowed. I'll be racing this wheelset, so no DH hubs or anything, but durability to last for 20 races a season for several years is even more important. I'm hoping to keep a complete wheelset under $400 CDN, so the hub choice should reflect that. Suggestions are appreciated,


(6', 190#)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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