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Discussion: You can only have 2 bikes, DH/FR and what?

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So, like I have posted. If you could only have two bikes, one is your DH/FR bike, what would the other be? Please be specific.....
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I would for sure go with a FS 29er...........

Be specific, Nicolai Helius AC 29er..............
Freeride for me and I think the new trend for low slack trail bikes is awesome. I am still stuck on slopestyle bikes for my second ride untill I can find a trail bike that is as strong and can be used on DJs.
I have a couple btu here are my favorites

the big girl
Tire Wheel Bicycle wheel rim Bicycle tire Bicycle fork

and the trail machine
Tire Wheel Mode of transport Automotive tire Bicycle wheel rim
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Is this including road bikes?

If it is then a lightweight HT 29er (not sure if one quite how I want exists though).

If you can have a road bike ontop of the other 2 bikes then I'd go for a light weight FS trail bike.
This is interesting to me, keep it coming. I have been playing with the ideal of a 29er HT also. Nice to see it popping up, not what I expected.
A Hardtail. Aside from the DH bike the only thing I ride is my hardcore Banshee Scirocco. Goes anywhere and keeps it honest. And imagine how good the Trek dh feels after bounding about on a ht!
I currently have the DH bike in the shop waiting on a warranty frame from tranny and a fully functioning covert that I've been riding like a DH bike and getting in shape in the meantime. I also like my HT SS. So I guess right now a AM bike aka Covert and a HT SS. If it is just a DH bike and a companion, I would probably pick a slack heavy duty HT SS, like my Norco Manik:)
Man, I have a hard time picking 4-5 bikes.

I think I would agree with Whafe though: Nicolai Helius AC 29er

We would differ on the FR bike though :) Love my Knolly DT.

Edit: that is, unless I get into riding street more. Then, perhaps a Transition Double would be my second bike.
Santa Cruz Chameleon ought to be able to handle everything else ;)
2 is not enough. DH Bike, dj/4x bike and a road/xc bike for fitness training. That seems like the reasonable minimum.
A 26" hard tale for me please - in steel or better yet ti.
My Yeti DJ. Long enough TT to let me do long rides but compact enough to use for everything else as well. Even works great at the BMX track.
It depends on what that DH/FR bike is.

If it's just a solid DH bike, I'd want a light AM bike as my "other" bike, 29er or 26er.

If the DH/FR bike is something like my Highline, Knolly DT or Uzzi, then I could afford to have my other bike as a 29er hardtail or something, because I could pedal those bikes uphill pretty well, and my DH skills would allow me to ride even a hardtail downhill pretty fast, so it would be perfect for those days with the XCish guys.

If the DH/FR bike is something with even less travel/lighter than above, then definitely the 29er hardtail.

I find 26" XC FS bikes to be pretty useless these days, or just simply obsolete compared to a 29er HT.
dh/fr bike - my uzzi vpx

2nd bike - mid range xc rig for those days when you want to do mellow trail rides or long road rides (change tires to 2.1)
you can do pretty much anything on a good free ride bike so I would have to get something that's the most opposite like a road bike or a sweet beach cruiser.
Well, my decision is the opposite. Have a Cannondale AM (Rize), so deciding whether I want a FR or DH bike as my second
Short chainstay hardtail with 4 inch front end wearing a 5 inch travel adjustable fork.
Fixie, cause I've always wanted to wear girl pants.
DH race bike and then a dirt jumper/4x bike (hardtail).
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