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Dirty Thursdays at Cunningham Park 3pm till 8pm

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Hey Folks,

Every Thursday during the summer we are working on a new trail on the west side of Cunningham.

This trail exists on the map but was never built. It will be a flowy type of freeridish type of trail.

If you head to the west side and take the green trail, you will come to the big party bowl area, this is the section we'll be working on...near the old paved road is the entrance.

We will also have a few Sunday afternoon trail work days coming up in a few weeks cause I know it's tough to get out during the work week.

Take a look at some of the features we built in the first couple of days:;action=display;num=1245814879;start=11#11

Big thanx to the Maestro for his dedication and expertise.
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