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Dirty Spokes @ Fort Yargo 12 March

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Is anyone else going to be at the Dirty Spokes duathalon next Saturday? I'll be the one in the back of the pack. Haha
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I won't be going. I don't want to wreck my ride before I do the chain buster on march 19th.

good luck though man. give us an update on how it goes.

like a quick race report. what your riding what gear or support your carriing.
I will be there.
Usually would be competing as an individual, but will be racing with my brother as my runner for this one...

I will be riding a 2010 epic expert... I will probably just go with a bottle of h2o, but am contemplating a tube and a spare link...
I'm competing as individual. I have no false hopes of being up front....I just want to finish on 2 feet...not crawling. haha
I'm on a GFTrek Marlin....after the run, I'm definitely strapping on the camel pack.
Not looking forward to the running at all.
Went pretty well today. I was just hoping to finish.......I came in 14th in my age group (35 to 39) I'm not sure what my overall place was though. There were a lot more racers there than I expected.
Lots of fun first duathalon...gotta work on my running.
Great opening to the series... there was a phenomenal turn out. We got 2nd in the male team race. I knew it would come down to my bike leg... The team who won had a great bike leg. My brother ran two great legs, and I could not keep us in the lead. It was a little wet, and I went down 3 times in corners... the s works fast traks were not the best tire out there.

looking forward to Tribble in a few weeks.
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