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First of all, I want to thank everyone who traveled to Emporia, Kansas to participate in the first edition of the Dirty Kanza 200. What a great group of people. I feel very blessed, because I know I made some new friends this weekend... friendships that will surely last a long time.

I also want to thank the many volunteers who helped make this event such a great success. These are too numerous to name individually, but you know who you are. THANK YOU.

A specail thanks goes out to Guitar Ted and everyone involved with Trans-Iowa. It was your event and passion that inspired us to create the Dirty Kanza 200. You guys got the ball rolling. Thank you.

Besides being blessed with great participants, we were also blessed with near-perfect weather. While driving and marking the course on Friday, we suffered through temps in the high 90's. :madmax: But race day dawned with cool temp's and slightly over-cast skies. I think the high on race day was in the low-to-mid 80's. The wind was fariy stiff, but out of the east, so racers spent very little time into a headwind.

For the most part, our maps and course markings seemed to work fairly well. We did, however, have a few racers get off course from time-to-time. Third overall, and 1st Single Speeder Patrick Humenny came across the finish line with something like 235 miles on his trip odometer. One can only guess how quickly he might have finished if he had been able to stay on course. Great job PaddyH! 馃憤

Congrats to all who finished. But a special "Job Well Done" goes out to David Pals from Iowa. This guy had spent 18 hours on his bike. Then, with just a few miles to go, a massive electrical storm comes through the area, lighting up the sky in every direction. Just as David pulls into the city limits, the rain starts coming down in sheets. David makes the final turn toward the finish line at the Emporia Travelodge... he's got to be thinking things can't possibly get any worse... and he gets center-punched by a car making a left-hand turn. :eek: Thankfully, David did not get hurt. He valiantly got up and finished the remaining three blocks to the finish line, welcomed by the cheers and admiration of all who were still gathered in the parking lot. Way to go David!!!

OK... enough rambling by me. Here is the short version of the official results. Keep checking our website at Heartland Race - Just another WordPress site for more complete results and race details.

45 registered
34 starters
15 finishers

Overall Champion, 1st Open Men: Dan Hughes (KS) 12:58
2nd Overall, 2nd Open Men: Garth Prosser (OH) 13:37
3rd Overall, 1st Single Speed: Patrick Humenny (Canada) 15:24
4th Overall, 3rd Open Men: Josh Patterson (KS) 15:31
5th Overall, 4th Open Men: David Simmons (ND) 15:32
6th Overall, 5th Open Men: Aaron Benetti (MO) 15:36
7th Overall, 6th Open Men: Matt Maxwell (IA) 16:03
8th Overall, 2nd Single Speed: Joe Partridge (MI) 16:03
9th Overall, 7th Open Men: Pete Lira (IL) 16:42
10th Overall, 8th Open Men: John Waller (KS) 16:43
11th Overall, 3rd Single Speed: Dan Fuhrman (MO) 17:03
12th Overall, 9th Open Men: Nate King (MO) 17:03
13th Overall, 4th Single Speed: Matt Wills (NE) 17:03
14th Overall, 10th Open Men: Paul Jacobson (IA) 17:12
15th Overall, 5th Single Speed: David Pals (IA) 18:22

Thanks again to everyone.
See you all next year for the Second Annual Dirty Kanza 200.

Harmonius Wrench
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Great Job! Great Ride! Good Times!

Thanks to you, C-Hog and the crew for putting on a well run, fun event. The course was beautiful, challenging and waaaay fun!:thumbsup: Next time, I'll get to see the rest of it. :rolleyes: Oh well!

Congrats to all you finishers! You guys are awesome. Everyone I met was cool and we had a great time hanging out and riding together. If you were wondering about this event, you need to know that it's a pretty special event put on by awesome people in a killer place to ride your bike. I must say, it puts Trans Iowa to shame, really, in some ways. I learned alot from how these guys put on this event.

Okay, enough gushing. I'm just super pumped to have been a part of the first Dirty Kanza 200 and I look forward to being a part of- and a finisher of- the next edition of this event.

I have a couple of audio-posts and I am currently publishing my take on the event on my blogsite. The addy is in the signature. Check it out.

Finally: Way to go, David Pals!!! Getting hit by a car after an hour of riding through a thunderstorm, after riding 200 miles....... That's an epic day in the saddle, man! :thumbsup:

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Field Fodder Race Report

OK. The whole car incident took only a few minutes of the 18 hrs. Luckily the pavement was wet and I just went sliding. Scott and Craig were on the scene making sure everything was ok and in-your-face scolding the driver before I could even get up. Pretty good feeling to have guys like that in your corner. My bet is the driver will be more aware of cyclist in the future?(!) Hurting? I'd post a picture of the top tube bruise on the inside of my thigh but my wife won't let me (sound of whip cracking). A bit soar but I'd just done 200 miles on a rigid singlespeed.

There will be accounts of the entire race by others so I'll just cover my highs and low. The best part was the people, or old friends and new, as Jim pointed out. The second was the course and beauty of the Flint Hills.
I found myself spinning out on the flats with fellow singlespeeder Cowbell Bob (Wieck) on his Soulcraft 29er. We rode together to Cottonwood Falls. A poor "nutrition" choice at a convenience store prevented me from continuing at Bob's pace. Think junior high science project with vinegar and baking soda.
Seeing Paul Jacobson at the checkpoint and then being passed by him was another high. I've followed Paul's blog from early on in his TransIowa training days and used it as inspiration.
The second leg of the course had some longer steeper parts. One was a broad anticline dotted with pump jacks, I think referred to as "Texaco Hill." It had a couple mile-ish steep parts abbreviated with flats then followed the axis in the highlands. The downhill included 35 mph bunny hop over a cattle guard. Fun stuff.
I started feeling much better after an extended break in Eureka. Talked with Joel about the rest of the course. Checked out a really cool 29er from Badger Cycles and talked to Rob Penell.I turned north just as the sun was setting and was escorted by about 50 head of cattle along the road. Everything from here on out seemed surreal. Stopped by the sheriff in Olpe to make sure drunk drivers weren't harassing me. A beautiful lightning display for the last 15 miles. A nice cooling rain. Crazy wind gusts that turned out to be about 25 mph tailwind.

C-Hog, thanks for a great event! G-ted thanks for the roadtrip.

Special shout out to Dan Hughes, 12:58. WOW!

David Pals

Scott in Tucson
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Very nice

Congrats to all the racers! Great concept and execution. Even though I didn't participate, thanks for putting on another long distance MTB event.

I'll look forward to reading more reports. How about some pictures? We need our vicarious calories.

C-Hog said:
Overall Champion, 1st Open Men: Dan Hughes (KS) 12:58
Holy smokes! 15+ mph overall avg. speed. That is smoking for dirt/gravel roads. Awesome.


Harmonius Wrench
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Here's your winner!

Dan Hughes and his Steelman cross bike set up with Campy shifters, derailluer and Dura Ace cranks. The really interesting spec was the Bruce Gordon Rock and Road tires which make this bike a 28"er.

Kind of ironic that the tires are called "Rock and Road" and were used for this event, doncha' think? :D


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Dan... You da Man!!!

Congratulations, Dan, on your Dirty Kanza 200 win. I couldn't believe how strong you were riding all day, but especially at the end. I was in the car with Matt B. when we pulled along side you just before Emporia. You looked like a locomotive. GREAT JOB. :thumbsup:

Jim C.

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Thanks for a great race!

I had a good time at the Dirty Kanza! You guys should teach those Trans-Iowa folks your trick for fixing the weather: I was worried Friday with the blast-furnace temps, but your mojo got things squared away by Saturday morning!

I have a L-O-N-G post on my blog, feel free to check it. I don't have any pictures, and would love to see more if anyone cares to share.

Thanks again for putting on a great race!


Harmonius Wrench
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Your Second Place Finisher

Here is Garth Prosser about to dismount his bike upon finishing second in the Dirty Kanza 200. Garth was asking us to "shoot him in the f#*kin' head" if he decided to ever enter another 200 miler again. Then he sat right down beside his bike for about a half an hour!

It was Dan from my previous post and Garth here who lead the race from about mile 20 or so onwards. Awesome ride at a super fast pace over this rough and very hilly course.


Harmonius Wrench
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Third Place Overall- 1st Place SS

Here is the third place overall and first place single speeder, the honch from Canada, Paddy Hummeny. He got turned around a couple times out there on course and managed to post up 235 miles for good measure! When told he was home in third he was shocked and couldn't believe it. Great ride Paddy!


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f'n a

Man those reports can give a man remorse on missing what seemed to be one hella good time.
13 hours? sick
congratulations to all the racers and hopefully I'll get there next year to have the hills kick my ass Kansas style.
Dallas "woulda, shoulda ,coulda " sigurdur

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now that looks like a good time

Holy crap the course looks awesome .I mean really , really fun . Beautiful landscapes , hills (to keep it interesting), good people and mandatory beer at the end.
Congratulations on the ride , your a better man then me.
I'm just getting ready now for a 24 hour running race in Minneapolis on June 3rd. Hopefully everything will go well and I'll hit my goal of 100+ miles. Luckily I'll have Pierre Ostor on the course so we can talk about biking , endurance training and the great bonking stories that we all accumulate doing these things over time.
Since you're in good form you should consider going to 24 hours of 9 mile this year .The course is great and the aid stations are mind blowing.
See you soon

your ankles are fat
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Heartland boyz: thanks for putting this event on...thumbs up and a pint raised to you!

Dave Pals: good on ya for showin the car you own the road, nice finsh fella!

Paul: come to 9 mile, you will do awsome, you are ready.

Dallas: stop typing--get training...jk...

thanks again.
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