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Finally! After staring at the new bike for almost two months I was able to get it dirty today. Good old Pueblo, CO came through yet again for winter riding in the warm sun with dry and dusty trails.

There were certainly plenty of people out there today. In fact five COMBA Board members were out an riding. Three of them in our group.

It's sort of like a new car. Once that first scratch appears you use it for what it was intended and not at art. Dust helps.

Rockin down Keyhole. The bike handled exactly as I thought it would but, it surprised me on climbs. It's amazing what tweaking angles and reach can do. It's a mountain goat!

Today was a long xc ride, so we didn't stay in the technical area.

It was probably a little too dry and loose. A little tackyness would have been nice.

I'm always facinated by this structure.

A placid lake as opposed to Lake Placid. No wind today at all.

What a great way to spend a January afternoon!


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I was out there yesterday with Lubes and Bad Andy! The Soma must be realizing I'm replacing it as its starting to treat me bad. I ended up breaking two quick releases which made four hours of driving into about an hour and a half or so of riding. I let the fellas go on without me, no sense in killing every ones day. Bad Andy and myself made up for it this morning with a Heathen's Fifo in Lair O the Bear and I will continue with another Fifo with Scar at White Ranch tomorrow.

Startin the day

Bad Andy on the Duke

The bottom of Skull Canyon

Hooters at South Shore

Lubes in Hooters

Bad Andy in Hooters

Fuggin Mechanicals!

So I finally got it right...34x22...45 gear inches...yummy:thumbsup:

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dirtydoug said:
holy shiznit...nice bike...looks like you got no money left for lawyers. Better make nice with your neighbor.:)
:lol: :lol: I was thinking the same thing although post those pics and you might find one that will work in trade!

NIce pics from the southern region all! :cool:

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When I went the wind was gusting around 30 mph. But I didn't have any mechanicals. I think there is a relationship between wind speed and luck with mechanicals. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

Unless you're Schnauzers, who is going to baby his bike for the next decade.

I think I can.
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The answer to the Million Dollar Question

For those who grew up in the deserts of California like I did, fishing on the Aquaduct System this is a normal site.

It is know as a Roman Siphon, used to get water across from one mesa to another. If you look to the other side you will see the remains of a water trunk. Probably installed to feed the farms that used be on the Mesa's prior to the Dam being built.
No energy needed to move water from one place to another, just the force of gravity.

Go Green:D


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The ditch was used to bring water from the Arkansas River to the steel mill in Pueblo decades ago. You should check out the conduit trail just north of this a few miles, the trail goes through a bunch of rock cuts and there is another one of those Roman Siphons.

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velocipede jockey said:
is there only one place to go? And all the trails are there? I've never been, and with the up coming weather in denver i"m thinking of heading down saturday. Where are the must do trails?
Kinda depends on whether you want techie stuff or XC stuff.

Go to Lake Pueblo State Park, pay your $6 and park by the campground entrance.
From the parking lot head down the south shore trail and then head up any of the spurs. Some of the best are Skull Canyon, Watertower, Free Ride, and of course - Hooters Canyon.

For the XC stuff just continue along the south shore trail...there have been many links with maps attached in other Pueblo threads. Easy to follow area.
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