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Dirty Fleas

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Anyone have an opinion?
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mackgoo said:
Anyone have an opinion?
Fleas are really small. How can you tell if they're dirty?

If you are asking about Sun-Ringle I have no experience with that hub.
Had a Sun Ringle ADD wheelset 12mm bolt thru Jumping Flea on a FS 26er, think they're pretty close to the dirty flea, lasted 2 months before freehub crashed into the housing. Just too much slop in the assembly, took it apart and determined not worthy of anymore effort. R&R'd with a King ISO HD, didn't bother with warranty as I probably would've just recieved another POS like it, OK I guess if you never pedal uphill.

EDIT:Read some of the reviews here, it seems to be a common problem that I had

Coincidentally just toasted a Deore freehub on my GT Peace today.
I have a sun ringle disc o flea 29er wheel set.
It has dirty flea hubs and I've had no real problems after logging a good number of miles on them.
The bearings are cheap to replace.
The free hub is alu. and will wear. The last price I got for a replacement free hub was $85 but I haven't had to replace it just yet.
I have one on my DJ bike and havn't had any problems with it. Going strong for 2 years.
A friend bought a set of their prebuilt 29er wheels being blown out at Jenson a while back that uses dirty flea hubs. They've held up to aggressive trail riding and hubs still spin smoothly. I had to true them up for him after a few rides, but the wheels have help up pretty well considering their weight. Good deal - especially if you can find a blowout like he found.
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