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We all have times when someone on the road really deserves to be shot. I have had these moments on a bike and in a car but I believe that tonight takes the cake.

On our way home tonight this scumbag runs us off the road where 2 lanes turn right to get onto the freeway (I was in the left lane and as we went around the right hand corner he drove into my lane). I honked to let him know I was there with no effect. After doing so he proceeded to travel about 30 mph down the onramp for no apparent reason. I figured that the guy had to be drunk so I wanted to get away from him. I accelerated and changed lanes after merging to pass him and go about my merry way. Well this scumbag had a different idea. He abruptly swerved into the #2 lane cutting me off. At this point I had the wife call his license plate # in and report him as a drunk driver. A few miles down the road I had the opportunity to pass him again and did so. On the way by, the wife snapped a picture of him. This seemingly harmless action must have infuriated the scumbag and he proceeded to tailgate me untill I exited the freeway (really missed my Z28 here because I know a Toyota wouldn't hang with that car).

Now for the kicker. This guy is a fellow mountain biker! He had a big The Path sticker on the back of his truck!

You might think that cyclists in general have a deeper respect for the responsibility that comes along with operating a motor vehicle. That knowing how easily a car or truck can take the lives of people might make them just a bit more respectful. NOT THIS GUY!

Anyway, be safe out there! Just another reason that I don't ride on the streets!
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