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Had a GREAT time!
Weather was perfect - 70s and sunny with a breeze.
Am told there were over 1,200 attendees.
Many vendors of cool new stuff.

Mtnwing, datawhacker and I met up with SMARTIN and his brother at his Be Kind Rewind tent with their vintage bikes from late 80s through mid 90s and ours as well.

Various attendees, many 1/2 to 1/3 my age had more interest in, questions about and discussion of our vintage bikes than I expected. Whether parked in SMARTIN's tent or walking/riding the bikes about, someone had a cool comment or question or exclamation.
It was nice.

Guys from Osprey who live next door to the Tomacs had to have us come over for a talk and discussion of bikes.
Something called MB Radio stoped us and did a little something on a few of our bikes.
Mtnwng got some hugs and loving from Leigh Donovan and discussed his Paul Tracy Yeti and talked about both of their downhilling awesomeness.

The trails we rode were pretty vintage friendly and given the weather, we had a blast.

SMARTIN's booth had some nice representative bikes and he did a super job in his description of the history of mountain bikes in an enjoyable, entertaining and informative fashion. He was humble and deferential andhis presentation was quite good.

There was a Sunday 9AM vintage bike group ride with many more people and vintage bikes than just ours. We were ready to rock but the ride wasn't ready to roll until 10 and we needed to get back and check out of the hotel - a 40 minute drive away. So we weren't able to hook up with the group but got in a brief ride of our own before beating out the rainstorm.


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Thanks to the crew for coming out. I had a blast all around, really nice to see Paul and Don again and meet the elusive Tucker. The event was really fun in and of itself, the riding there was epic in my opinion. I had a blast on both my vintage bike and the modern bikes I rode, so keep that in mind.

I think Paul summed it up pretty well so I don't want to restate all of that. Suffice it to day DR is excited about the outcome and we're talking this week about WV and beyond. Given they've been around since the 80s they want to keep the 26" vibe going and seem poised to make some small investment to boost it. I've made some recommendations (in concert with Paul and Tucker) on how to improve it and amp it up and will report back on what they say.

I am on board for WV and have a camp site reserved already. I'd love to get some other folks to come out and can even spot you a bike for the weekend.

Stay tuned for more info and let me know if you have any questions about possibly coming out.
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