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I just wanted to start a post directions to "secret" freeride/DH areas to ride in OC. If you know of any so called " Secret" DH track, like the one MTBaction always talks about, please post them. Just looking for areas with cliff jumps, regular jumps and so on. Here is the first post.

The way to do the Santiago DH with out climbing Robbers peak is easy. Go up the normal way on Serrano, past the elementary school. Continue up to, I believe, the 2nd or 3rd right. I'm not sure the name of the street but it looks like it has 3 ways to enter and exit. It's hard to miss. So right hand turn there. Go up about a 1/4 mile and there will be another right. Make it and go all the way to the top. The street will curve a bit. There will be a fence at the end. Just park you car along that street, in front on the houses and climb the fence with your bike. Ride down the road a few feet and you will see Robbers Peak to the right of you. There are some power lines right in front of teh trail. Right under them there are some good cliff drops to hit. There you are. Santiago DH with no uphill. If any one else has directions to a good DH or freeride place in OC please post it.

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