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Dipper kindly lent me his AFR blinged to the max with HS..Bos VipR..Totems...XO etc

Took her to Laggan today..OMG that is one stunning bike.... yeah a bit slower on the up's but my frikin goodness soon as she got a sniff off a down she just delivered.

I know Laggan Black and Lower red like the back off my hand but the AFR was a game changer... fastest ever downs

Super stable,amazing acceleration,gobbled up the rough rocks that Laggan black throws at you and felt like she was on rails on the red.

Loved the HammerShmidt and the Totem's gobbled everything up.
The Bos Vipr also performed very well with all 220psi to support my fat ass.

5 runs at Laggan did zap my energy on the up's but I just wanted more.....

No damage and the only drama was blowing the tubless tyre off the Rim while throwing her around a corner...nothing a tube couldn't sort.

Must admit I did have a constant worry about nailing the £170 XO rear derelliur !!

Didn't happen!

Thanks Dipper
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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