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2012 is the year of the Cree XML Led. This new emitter is so powerful that any light that is engineered around it is going to be a winner. The XML emitter has the ability to put out 1000 lumens under ideal conditions. That means that it is up to the designers to allow this XML to shine to its potential.

So we were surprised to see the tiny XML-1 from Dinotte rated at only 400 lumens. The good news is it measured higher than that at 459 lumens so it is brighter than many 500 and 600 claimed lumen lights today.

The package is also tiny as it uses a small pipe-style housing and the 2-cell battery from Dinotte. So for 200 grams, the customer can have a pretty neat little light, ideal for commuting or for helmet mounted trail riding.

It is flexible too as the cyclist can put a y-splitter cable and put two XML-1s on the handlebar powered from the same battery.

Battery and charging is provided by the existing four-cell battery and charger systems. So existing customers with these batteries can just buy the new XML-1 light head to experience the latest in Dinotte engineering.

As you will see in the photos and measurements, this light is a just a breakaway hit. It just continued to surprise us in performance so we had to re-check everything twice. It was brighter and had a better beam pattern than many lights that cost almost twice the XML-1's $159 price. In the end, the light's biggest competition is Dinotte's own XML-3 which puts out over 1000 lumens at only $259

Couple that with Dinotte's safety, quality and customer service and this package almost seems too good to be true. Dinotte uses good batteries and charges them properly. Everything is UN and UL tested. And the lights are never over-driven. They are designed and manufactured so the small Dinotte headquarters can spend time producing lights instead of answering problem/failure phonecalls.

  • Price: $169.00
  • Claimed Lumens: 400 Lumens
  • Light Head Weight: 62 grams
  • Installed Weight: 200 grams
  • Run Time: 2.5 Hours
  • Measured MTBR Lux: 51 Lux
  • Measured Lumens: 459 Lumens

Mounting is the old style rubber loop found in the Dinotte 200l series. It is adequate and simple but it really is not that adjustable and it pasles in comparison to the new light mounts from the XML-3 and other brands.

A helmet mount is included for the standard price so that's a great deal. The mount simulates a handlebar pipe so the same strap action is used to secure the light on the helmet. For helmets, this mount actually works out well as it provides a low profile.

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MTBR Light Meter Measurements:

This light measured 51 lux on our ambient Mtbr light measurement facility. In an integrating sphere, we measured acutal lumen output at 459 lumens. These numbers blow away the claimed lumen rating of 400 lumens by Dinotte as this is really a much more powerful light than what their spec sheet says.

The 51 Lux of the XML-1 puts it right in the neighborhood of the Niterider Minewt 600 at 50 Lux, claimed 600 lumens and the Light and Motion Urban 500 at 53 Lux and claims 500 lumens

Light Meter Charts and Comparison Table »

  • 459 measured lumens is impressive for the price and well above the claimed 400 lumens
  • The beam pattern is wide and has a powerful spot
  • It offers good value at $159
  • Commitment to quality and safety is unrivaled
  • Installed weight of 200 grams is excellent for the brightness and run time of 2.5 hours.
  • Easy to double up and power with a single battery.
  • It's less than half the brightness of the XML-3 but price is well more than half
  • Not a flashlight- we're reaching here but it would be cool if this were available as a self-contained light
  • Mount can not be aimed left to right
Bottom Line:

It's a good light and a good value. But really, the XML-3 trumps it in every category.

A good use for it is as a helmet light to complement the XML-3. Also, one can put two XML-1s on the bar powered off the same 4-cell battery. This will offer a good beam spread and brightness at a goood price.

Beam Pattern Photos:

Backyard Beam Pattern Comparison Page »

Trail Beam Pattern Comparison Page »

Value Rating: The XML-3 is a way better value but this is still very competitive with the field

4.75 out of 5 Stars

Overall Rating: It pales in comparison to the XML-3 but it is a good helmet mounted light for it or for others.

4.75 out of 5 Stars

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