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The next stop on the DINO Series (Do INdiana Offroad) is at Westwood Park in New Castle, IN. Scheduled for Sunday July 29th at noon.

If you have never been to WW, you need to come out and sample the goods. The loop is 10 miles of solid singletrack and circles Westwood Lake. Plenty of great views of the lake around the course.

Westwood is one of the trails the Hoosier Mountain Bike Association is responsible for and we are awfully proud of it. One of the best trails in the state. Built entirely to IMBA specs with multiple IMBA Trail Care Crew visits over the past three or four years. (read: miles of benchcutting, crib walls, and bridges) rather than unsustainable fall line trail.

The trail is aerobically challenging (experts turn around 50 minute laps). No real major climbs to speak of but plenty of up and down. There is plenty of speed out there but the trail doesn't give up its secrets easily. While somewhat technical, nothing to really ratchet up the "pucker factor".

The DINO series offers a pretty competitive but fun atmosphere with plenty of racers to keep things interesting.

You can go to for details on the race and for details on Westwood Park.
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