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71 hours and 13 meal penalties in 6 days...gotta love show biz...I am off until my next trails here we come!

first of many to come:

Dimond to JMP and back again...
1p-2pish start after urban/trials warmup in Dimond Park @ intersection of Lyman Road and Fruitvale Ave (I just saw Ryan Leech's Crux and have been inspired to damage myself and my not-really-a-trials-bike-at-all-chameleon prior to the ride proper). Parking best found in lot (part of Dimond Park above the swimming pool) @ junction of El Centro and Hanly Road (at the big wall drop on the north side of the park). You can also park on El Centro @ the lower entrance to Dimond Canyon along the Sausal Creek below Benevidas (upper entrance along ridge). Public transit via Fruitvale Bart and Fruitvale Ave to Lyman...usual route up from Dimond Park..through the Canyon to JMP and back down again (and prob more fun at the fountains/stairs on the way into JMP before a taste of urban singletrack joy).

...its been a LONG gig but I plan to poke around the old locale that I haven't touched in a month...come and play. Look for the tall guy hopping around on the orange chameleon. I'm not planning to do a huge adventure...I want to save some for a Wednesday excursion to Fairfax or CCbackside...if I don't kill myself tuesday that is.

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