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Dilema in setting up Morris periodization

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Need to bounce some ideas off any Morris Followers: I know I should hire a coach and am going to do that, but I just want some feedback from others.

Do you think it is ok to switch the order of the off season training so that I do lifting followed by SMSP, then MSP, then ending with the endurance phase? Instead of the prescribed, Lifting-->Endurance--> SMSP---> MSP

or can you do the endurance phase BEFORE you do the lifting, SMSP, and MSP?

-I race a 5-6 race state series. First race is in mid April, followed by one in May then NOTHING till August, with races going into mid October.
-Starting around mid December through March the winter (Blacksburg, Virgina) is terrible.

- I want to ensure that when I am in the endurance phase (3-5 weeks) of long riding, that it is during a time of the year when can realistically accomplish it. That means it either needs to be done prior to mid December, or after March

-I also would like to avoid having to be inside on the trainer during the SMSP,and MSP phases right when spring comes around with nice weather. So I'd like to be in the SMSP and MSP phases sometime in late Dec. or January.

So here is my conundrum.
-If I continue to do in season training through Mid October and race those last races in Oct., and then start lifting(11 weeks) that places my endurance phase right smack in Late December-January. And from this last winter's experiences the reality is that I am not going to do it properly.

-If I did my lifting then went into SMSP, then MSP phase, I'd be doing my indoor riding during the worst part of the winter, then come begining of March I could start into the endurance riding when the weather will actually allow me to do it.

-Or if I started endurance riding in Late October-November, then I could start lifting, and then go into the indoor SMSP, MSP work during the worst part of the winter.

I've briefly seen mentions of this reverse type of periodization but not a whole lot of discussion.

Anyway, any thoughts?
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I would say you've got problems...

The order of periodization is kind of important. You build a base with the endurance phase and then you put a fine point on that base with the higher intensity stuff. Additionally, your body's reaction to jumping right into intensity might not be so good.

Reversing the order would get you into moderately good shape super fast and then you'd actualy lose some of it during the late endurance phase. I think you'd be disappointed in your performance.

Couldn't you just call the two early season races tune up races and then peak for the late season? Creating a multi-peak season with your weather constraints would be really hard.

If it would help, you could pretty much blow off the lifting phase. Morris notwithstanding, it won't make you any faster and it sucks up a lot of time.
bone mass density

With regards to skipping the weight training, I will not ignite a "does it make you faster" debate. However, you must answer the training question of "why am I doing this?". If your goal is to have good health overall then weight training is clearly important for cyclists with regard to maintaining bone mineral density. Some type of impact is needed along the length of bones to keep them from leeching calcium out. Weights are preferred but even running is better than cycling in that regard.
Oh, I didn't mean to suggest

lifting was a bad thing--it has lots of benefits, including the one you mentioned.

I just meant if the entire focus here is to dodge the weather and try to peak twice, it might make sense to cut back on the lifting and replace it with riding.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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