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I got this digital shock pump Sworks shock pump awhile back. I have an fusion hilo dropper,rp23 and f36float fork. (25psi/225 psi/55psi
I was finding that consistent setups with a dinky dial not very accurate especially when you are trying to pump up a dropper post to only 25psi >
I saw fox makes but it does not a replaceable battery and is plastic and bulky. I saw this one via google on motocross site.
Works Connection Digital Shock Pump | MotoSport
It is still lightweight but metal and uses 2032 battery.
Same price as foxes more or less.
Wow this works really well, I have been able to dial in my sag perfectly and fast with it. Also got my hilo dropper pumped to the perfect 25psi , it has never worked better. It is actually smaller than my planet x shock pump with dial and fits in my dakine amp pack perfectly.
Also with a schrader to presta adapter I used it to adjust my tire pressure to 29r/26F .
Awesome usefull tool.
I am not affiliated with them btw
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