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OK, here's the story. I'm taking off on a cross country trip next week for the holidays. I'm leaving Southern Cal and my ultimate destination is Maine. I'm training for a 24 hr solo in Feb so there's no way I can stay off the bike for the duration of the 3 week trip so I've built up the ultimate, do everything beater with a 2x2 drivetrain (one gear for road, one for off road). We're driving, so I plan on sneaking in some rides along the way in AZ, TX and PA and of course the frozen tundra of VT and ME.

Now the tire questions. I'm thinking 2 sets of tires. Kicking around the garage I've got a WTB Mutanoraptor Race 2.4 for the front and a Kenda Kinetic Stickee for the rear. I know that these'll work for the less frigid areas, but does anyone have any experience using either of these tires in cold temps and snow? I'm hoping I can use these for some of the snowmobile trails I plan on riding if the snow's deep, or if there's a thaw with mixed conditions (bare ground/patchy snow and ice). I did some searching but didn't find any opinions on how these would work in these conditions. Anyone have any experience with these?

I've also got a set of Panaracer Fire XC's with homemade studs to use as a last resort if it gets real icy.

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