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Difference between XTR CS-M950 TYPE-ak "U2" or "X1"

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Both are 8 speed 11-30 teeth. ..and "U2" or "X1" what is it? Thanks.


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by now you have probaly figured this out but I'll is Ti and one is AL
The U2 and X1 are likely production date codes, with the letter being the day and the number being the month. ak is the gear sequence.
Date code was my first thought, but from what I've seen checking on that, it's a two letter code. Maybe production facility otherwise?
another one "U2" ...the date code :skep: what month is "U"? ...and "X"? :eekster:

(both have the three largest cogs in titanium)

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Scroll down to the bottom of the page on this link to see what I've seen mentioned in a few places about the Shimano two letter coding...
OK ....thanks, maybe,

maybe: U=1996 ; X=1999 ....but:

The first letter is the month and the second digit will be the year (EI would be May of 1984).
that code is TWO LETTERS
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