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Did someone mention Suspenders and ProStop disc?

I just finished bringing a friends Specialized tandem into the 21st century with some nice 2nd gen XTR shifters, levers, v-brakes, Psylo, Hugi/261 wheelset (although this wheelset is 10 years old, it still rocks today), XTR rings on his Specialized cranks. He and his wife are in love with his tandem now.

Here's a partial on what the new parts replaced - Suspenders fork w/ Pro Stop disc (check out how much travel he was getting outta these and on a tandem!), Suntour SE brakes, Suntour XC Comp 7 speed thumbies, XC Comp derailleurs, XC Pro grease guard cassette hub.

As much as I like old retro parts, the new stuff does indeed work darn fine.
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